Montag, 30. April 2012

Retro 31: Louis XV

 well this was jsut alter the same day then the last retro post and you see without those intellectual-try-too-hard-wannabe-glasses and that opera-pavarotti-fat-ass-scarf from ikea (LOL) + beeing a bit arty farty... I had this tiny book with all my daily outfits and I drew them and I painted them and wrote down what I was wearing and I made a tiny collage every day. I did it like 20 days or something LOL then I was far too pissed to paint all that shit with colours! haha, I'm a lazy bitch i will suck tons of cocks in hell. please hairy cocks, thank you in advance!
 I look pretty dman sexy, don't I? yeah, well, I'm not really in love with my self, more like, in love with my older younger self. whutevva man, I have to go to sleepppp... just one post and then jerk off LOL <3

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